Ciao for Now

Our neighbor’s cat arrives with the sun,
brown and black tiger striped,
eyes green as the kale
she pads through so respectfully,
not wanting to alarm the slugs
or disturb
the pristine order of the grapes
and lingonberries
just beginning to flower
on this last April day.

She climbs up
onto the weathered windowsill
of the cottage,
peaks in, studies me
tapping out this farewell poem,
and yawns,
finding the keyboard lullaby
calming enough to stretch out,
close her eyes and slumber
so deeply that a even a raucous of crows
squawking at her from the bed of
just-poked-out-of-the-dirt carrots
might as well give up.

I will miss mornings like this.

Thanks for hanging out with me and my poems this month. On the last day of National Poetry Writing Month our 30th prompt was to write a farewell poem. Soon, I’ll be finding treasures to write about in the Alaskan Interior, like monster mosquitoes which, my daughter has informed me, have already arrived. Stay tuned



15 thoughts on “Ciao for Now

    • Oh, yeppers, of course, but I’m gonna focus on AK for a month. Feels so good, doesn’t it Katie, to have been successful in our challenges. And you with two! Impressive! ❤


  1. Thank you again for making the mucky month of April more tolerable with your lovely poetry. I look forward to seeing you in the sunlight of FBX here very soon.


    • Thank YOU, Ms. Bee, for venturing into a perilous Lower 48 blog and surviving! The good news is that we’ll be sleeping in FBX tomorrow night. Hopefully, with little r snuggled up between us! See you soon. Gullivers? ❤


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