Here is a wonderful and timely poem by Northwest poet Victoria Doerper!

Thanks, Victoria!

A Slander of Slugs

A slander of slugs
Pretends to be
Harmless in bland ubiquity,
And slow scrawls on the ground.

These scattered commas punctuate
In slimy misplaced unctuate,
Ingest and thus obliterate
Pristine leaves by the pound.

Aspersions cast in trails of slime
Besmirch our garden’s coming prime,
Become a gnawing damn vexation
Blast our garden’s reputation.

Yet we are on the side of right
And so with coffee grounds invite
Our sluggy armies to decamp
Into a different burgeoning damp.

Who holds the key
To calumny
Must yield apace
To truth’s good grace.

–V. Doerper, 04.03.14

Thanks Wikimedia Commons for the photo.

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