Still Life

Today there are three colors

on the Salish Sea,

gray, gray and gray,

as fog erases the the seam

between saltwater and sky,

the endless opacity

in which damp cormorants

on musseled pilings meditate

and ghost kayakers paddle.

Day 6 of NaPoWriMo and the optional prompt is to write about what’s outside our window. Above are the images Erato dropped into my head. I guess she’s having a gray, Salish Sea kinda day.

Photo borrowed from Wikimedia Commons.

8 thoughts on “Still Life

  1. This morning I get to paint. I have two new “greys” in addition to the one I love the most, Hematite. Greys are all so different! When I think of a city of grey, I think of the one not far from you, whose skies are so grey! Thank you for exposing me daily to poems.


  2. I love grays, too, and that’s a good thing living here in the PNW. Blacks and white are nice…well, white’s just kind of there except for the glint of an eye, and indigo is, without a doubt a fine, FINE color. Happy painting.


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