How lucky we are on Day 7 of NaPoWriMo to, once again, feature the exquisite talent of poet and consummate coffee drinker Victoria Doerper.  Thank you, Victoria!

Love Poem To My Cup of Morning Coffee

What shall I love?
Let me count the things
That set my life ablaze with joy
Or quench a wildfire burst of fear
In a day gone wrong. Perhaps the slab
of calm Quartz-flecked countertop I love,
Or soft pink velvet nap of reading shawl,
Or happy light that beats back dreary days.

Let’s see,
I find the painted china cup
A beloved companion.
One Kutani crane
Amidst grand and elegant blossoms
Stands serene under a border of cream
Leaves and coffee-colored flowers,
Reposes in perfect cup-and-saucer harmony.

And if that object of my love
Were not enough
My brimming coffee laps
Against a smooth ceramic shore.
A deep and fragrant caffeine sea
Releases gold-rimmed spattering
Of spindrift’s delicate fringe,
A coffee-froth,
Bursting the morning sun
Into rainbow shimmering.

And last of all,
to you becoming me,
My generous cup of caffeine energy
My lover of brisk and blossoming
Limbs and fizzing thoughts,
And quickened snap of waking synapse.
To you, ensconced in your delightful frame
Of artful cup,
you hit of morning happiness
I vow my love.

–V. Doerper, 04.07.14

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