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To Do:

__I will sanitize the house
__I will kiss a mouse
__and then I will weed
__or plant some seed
__or paint a gray squirrel
__or sip a pot of seaweed tea
__I will knit an angora sweater
__or not, which is better
__and then I’ll definitely weed

__I will turn back the clock
__overturn a rock
__watch a worm squirm
__go for a three-day walk
__learn to play the bassoon
__watch every movie on Netflix
__meander aimlessly under a full moon
__climb up a cedar or maybe six
__and then for sure I’ll weed

__I will stand like a statue and stare at a cloud
__recite every sonnet of Shakespeare aloud
__practice my uke for more than an hour
__take a slow boat to Pisa and paint pink the tower
__I’ll work out at the gym if not daily then weekly
__and swear off Spanish wine forever, completely
__I will downsize my email, Twitter and Facebook
__haul stuff to the Goodwill from every cranny and nook
__and then most likely I’ll weed

__I’ll have coffee with at least one poet per day
__then show restraint for the rest of the week
__bake my husband his favorite asparagus souffle,
__unless we choose to eat “out” so to speak
__and my literary legacy will continue to mount
__as I floss twice a day, on that you can count
__and moil over metaphors, toil with my ‘tude
__read cover to cover One Hundred Years of Solitude
__and then, God willing, (if there’s still a need) I will weed.

Day 20 eve and I am brain dead in my lobus poeticus!  The optional NaPoWriMo prompt was to write from the perspective of a family member. I guess if my grandtoddler, Little r, had the language this is the poem he would write.  No, probably not.  Hasta mañana!

11 thoughts on “To Do:

  1. feel you were channeling Dr. Seuss with this—irony of ironies–to be at your wit’s end and to be so witty–and inclusive…of all that life has to offer–a testament and an opportunity–bread crumbs for us to follow. Thank you for the inspiration and mind expansion.


  2. Morning, dawg. Thanks so much for your positivities! The funny thing is the moment I could turn away from “To Do:” I headed out into the garden to wee…read Mary Oliver. Maybe today?


  3. Will you do it on a house? Will you do it with a mouse… after kissing said mouse? So glad you are joining the antho! The last one Lisa did was delicious! She’s a force to be reckoned with! As are you, my friend. xo


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