Red Boots

Good morning Red Boots!
I just pulled you on
all by myself
at the crack of dawn.

You’re bright as two tulips
and, oh, so sweet
for warming my toes
and the rest of my feet.

Since you’re fuzzy inside
I won’t need my socks
even later on outside when
we’ll run and kick rocks.

But for now, Red Boots,
shall we dance, and leap and twirl?
I could use one of you as a bucket
and stuff you with a squirrel.

No no, Mama says, we must
treat animals with love
so instead I’ll wear you on my hands
and pretend you’re each a glove.

Since you’re fire engine red
we’ll zoom to put out fires and
race you around the living room
to wherever my heart desires.

We can toss you in the bathtub, Tugboots,
the bubbles will make you happy,
and afterward we’ll play all day
until it’s time for my nappy.

Then I’ll carry you to bed, Red Boots,
sing you some sleepy lullabies
and we’ll find each other in our dreams,
my friends, as soon as we close our eyes.


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a children’s poem. I thought of Little r, my grandtoddler, and how much he loves his red boots.  This one’s for him.

15 thoughts on “Red Boots

    • Thank you, cg! I’m sure you know about grandkids and their love of certain items. When I was little it was my turquoise poodle skirt and later my purple and lime green turtleneck. Now it’s my Haflinger wool slippers. I really love them!


  1. Such sweetness! Some time you must come by my house, and see the two pair of red boots that will always live by my door… having finished their time on my wee one’s feet. Some day, new babes will fall in love with them! Your poem reminds me of all the reasons, I know that is true. 😉

    BTW: so fun to see that my friend Lisa (cyclingrandma) have connected. I always had a hunch she would love your work! 😉


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