Katie Powell on her marvelous Zenkatwrites’s Blog has written a colorful post on her first experience in Alaska. Enjoy! And thanks, Katie!

Zenkatwrites's Blog

My first job out of school as a young architect was as an in-house architect for IBM.  I took care of, remodeled, and designed buildings for many locations in the Western United States.  You can imagine I did not have the plum spots (though they gave me my favorite city at the time, San Fransisco), but places that took a whole day and several planes changes to arrive.  One of these places was Juneau, Alaska.

I was also very new to travel.  I had gone few places in a plane, and was broke from college.  Thankfully I owned a warm brown herringbone proper skirt-suit, and bought a raincoat, my first of my life, with a lining.  The guys I worked with all gathered round when they heard I had Juneau, and sent me to a GREAT place for dinner my first night in.  Had my secretary heard what they were…

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