This just happened and I can’t resist sharing it.

Driving home from the market, my two-year-old grandtoddler, r, is behind me in his car-seat when I spot some cloud lips up ahead.

“Hey, r, check out the cloud lips in the sky!”

“Where, Gooma? Where?” he asks.

“Right up there! Follow my finger.”

“Oh! Cloud lips! There’s a mouth in the sky!” He cracks up, kicks his feet, throws his head back. Then he’s dead serious, looking at the miracle.

“Do you think the sky is singing to the birds, darling? Maybe a sandhill crane or a raven?”

We are at the end of the off ramp, at a red light, so I whip out my Cannon and have time to take only one shot. Suddenly, r is screaming. “A car’s in the way! A car’s in the way! I can’t see the cloud mouth!”

“I’ll pull forward a bit. There can you see it?”

“Silly cloud mouth,” he giggles. “How can a cloud have a mouth?” We laugh hysterically (his is real and I am faking it, trying to keep up with his bottomless glee).

“Oh, oh,” I say. “The cloud mouth just disappeared! It happened so fast, r.”

“Why did the cloud mouth disappear, Gooma? Where did it go?”

“Because of the wind, darling. The wind blew it into a flat cloud. Oh, well.”

“Why did the wind blow the mouth into a flat cloud, Gooma?” r is not distressed, only curious.

“Because that’s one of the wind’s jobs, baby. The cloud can be whatever shape the wind wants it to be. Like this.” I blow on my hand and change its shape. “See. Isn’t that cool!”

“Why does the wind do that Gooma? I don’t want the wind to blow the mouth away!”

“I don’t either, r. I’m so glad I took a picture with my camera. Do you want to see it later when we get home?”

“No, I want to go to the beach.” (He lives on a float pond.)

“Let’s go to the beach and see if we can find more clouds.”

“I want to find an airplane cloud!” r shrieks.

“I want to find a moose cloud!” I shriek.

“NO! I want to find a Gooma cloud!”



20 thoughts on “Why, Gooma?

  1. I love two year olds. While driving to Costco with Nico a few years back, I once pointed out Mt. Baker by pointing it out and saying it looke like a vanilla ice cream cone. After shopping he yelled, “I want to go to Mt. Baker.” “It’s too far away for now,” I answered. Then he went into a bit of a tantrum. “Why do you want to go?” I finally got in between sobs. “Because I want ice cream!”


    • Oh, Marilyn, this is so precious! The magical realism of the two year old mind is delightful. Also, isn’t it amazing how close to their emotions these little guys live? Ecstasy one moment, immediately followed by a nervous breakdown, relieved by a giggle fit. Wowzas!

      Thanks for visiting.


  2. Like Gooma Like G’son. Precioso!! What lovely moments and times you’re having. Sorry I missed that one. This story reminds me of the time he was looking at my sketch on my computer; I showed him the real thing; he looking back and forth at each for a while, then exclaimed…..OMG. What a cutie. 🙂 ❤

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