I am one who as a toddler crossing the BIG WATER was so tossed and jostled on a Stuttgart-bound ocean liner that a new verb, bimbam, was created.  “No bimbam, Mommy!”

In Germany, I watched our housekeeper spill black ink on my mother’s white linen tablecloth, causing cacophonic chaos and also an exquisite Rorschach.

These indelible experiences continue to manifest themselves in my passion for traveling to exotic places like the Penghu Islands of Taiwan, Anakiwa, New Zealand and the pristine white villages of Andalucía, Spain; my love of writing magical realism and poetry; and an insatiable addiction to all forms of art.

I also spend gobs of time in Interior Alaska chasing my grandson, little r (giving his parents a break), in Taipei, galavanting with my handsome son, and in Mexico, where I learned to make tortillas by hand and paint watercolors using cerveza for water. Cervezacolors?

Welcome to Still Life with Tortillas!

37 thoughts on “About Susan Chase-Foster

  1. Caution Grandmas at play was certainly fun. I’m working on a book (really cutting it down and dividing it after writing a 300,000 word monster while traveling on the train a few days). Jason Brick, who knows about such things, advised me to start a blog. Probable title: Sleep, Science and Original Zen. I wonder if that will attract any readers. For content, I’ve been thinking of just putting in text from my book, partly the story of unskillfully driving a large, rented moving truck while profoundly sleepy, with a slim, quick cat companion named Holstein. It presents some unusual ideas. It’s narrative, nonfiction memoir. I couldn’t get away with inventing this stuff. James (Jim) Minard.


    • Lisa, I just notices that I never responded to you here…just via email. Thank you for the opportunity! I’m looking forward to working with you, for sure. Beyond that, you are an elegant writer about timely issues and I adore reading your blog. All the best!


    • Lisa, I just noticed that I never responded to you here…just via email. Thank you for the opportunity! I’m looking forward to working with you, for sure. Beyond that, you are an elegant writer of timely issues and I adore reading your blog. All the best!


  2. I always read people’s About and Yours is very interesting.Travel gives us wider perspective to see things and You have traveled a lot of. I worked for our national airline company and thus I was involved with travel. Your blog seems to be very interested. All the best!


  3. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. True, my friends always give good compliments about my smile.

    Still, love is the most important value of all. That’s the reason why my blog is all about love.


  4. Reckon I’m totally different from you, but pleased you found my ‘different’ not disturbing… 🙂 Boredom is something I do not know because I keep away (in my private space, of course) from people and situations that might 😉 foster it. I’ll gladly peruse your space and your thoughts… from time to time!

    Buon viaggio e buon soggiorno (I’m Italian – among other things – and it shows in my esthetic choices 😉 ) till we meet again, sweet Susanna (tutta panna)! ❤


    • il neige sur Liège, I love your blog name (the reference to the Jaques Brel song) and if we are different, that’s exciting to me. On the other hand, I did live in bella Firenze for a year quite a long time ago, and I’ve never been bored…life is too full of mystery for that. Looking forward to reading more of your posts, dear one. Ciao for now.


  5. Susan, I nominated your blog for the sisterhood of the bloggers award, because of the support you gave me when I started working on a new project..and how much that meant to me. There’s no pressure to accpet, but I thought you should know. Nicci

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  6. Hi Susan,
    Hope you remember me; Alaska and the Denali Star in May 2014! I’ve been logging a lot of miles on the trains in America and by now I’ve visited all 47 states which you can do by train. I thought you might like my little YouTube report. Please give my regards to Robert.

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    • Hi Paul,
      Wow! Great to hear from you and, yes, I do remember you. We share a beautiful ride down to Denali. Thanks for sharing your video. I can’t wait to take a look. Great to hear you’ve kept up your train travels. All the best! S


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